Quilt Lovers' Hangout



Our shop is  place where you feel at home the minute you walk
through the
doors. There is always someone to greet you and offer a
warm smile and many
times a hug .The "Hangout" is a meeting place
for many and a destination shop for quilters
from all over the world.

Whether you are looking for inspiration or have a project in
mind, Quilt Lovers' Hangout is always brimming with samples to
stimulate your creative energy.
There is a great  passion for quilting
at the shop and it is felt by all.
Monday-Thursday 9am-6pm
Friday & Saturday 9am-4pm
Sunday 12-4

13494 N Cleveland Ave.
N. Fort Myers, FL 33903


We Now Have an Online Shop

Our online shop is now up and running.  We are adding new products everyday.  Please bear with us a we go through the process of getting our shop online so you may enjoy the same customer service you receive in person everyday!!
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Quilt Lovers' Hangout
-Purchase fabric from ‘Because of The Brave’ by Moda or ‘Red, White & Free’ by Sandy Gervais.

-Make a quilt using at least 90% Moda fabrics (50% must be from one of the two above lines). You can use an existing pattern or create your own.

-Completed Challenge Quilts will be displayed at participating shops April 6-18. Customers will vote for their favorite quilt.

-The digital image of the winning quilt in each shop is submitted to a National On-line quilt show held by Moda. Winner announced May 8, 2015.

Are there any military families in your area? What is their story? Maybe you could find a way to help them out on a local level. You never know how much a simple gesture of Thank You could mean.

We hope you all enjoy the ‘Because of The Brave’ fabric line as much as we do. Thank you in advance for your support…and for those of you that have served, or are serving (including the families)…THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!


New Arrivals

Lots of great new fabric arriving
check out the New Arrivals page.
Here's one of the Projects you can make with
the new fabric Paint Brush that just arrived