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Sunset Quilt (Robin Harris)

The Sunset quilt pattern is not available at Quilt Lovers' Hangout.  Instead this is a download found at Annie's Craft store.   To purchase the pattern from Annie's Craft store - It is $8.48. The direct link is:

Materials needed: 
2 3/4 yards of assorted prints in various colors for strips in blocks (Two 2"x40" strips will make a block) 
1 2/3 yards of background fabric 
1 1/2 yard border fabric 
1/2 yard for binding

Class Supplies that you need: 
1. Rulers (45 degree angle ruler required)
2. Sewing machine and manual 
3. Basic sewing supplies (make sure to include your sewing pins) 
4. Piecing thread 
5. Sewing machine needle (90/14), bring extras and put a new one in your machine 
6. Cutting mat and rotary cutter, put a new blade before you come to class. 
7. Rulers: 24" and a square 8".  If you have a square ruler larger than 12" please bring. 
8. Irons available in classroom, unless you want to print a small mini iron and mat to use at your table. 
9. Heavy spray starch (unscented please) 

This design uses 48 - 2" strips.   

Instructor Name:
Robin Harris

Sunset Quilt (Robin Harris)

$ 35.00
Class instruction only