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Long Arm Rental Reservation

For individuals that have gone thru long arm orientation.  Bring in your quilt top and back to finish on our computerized gammill.

If you have not gone thru the long arm orientation, you will be charged a $125 fee plus $2.25 per spool.  During this time you will be trained on the long arm machine and supervised while quilting each row.  Bring in your finished quilt top and back for this orientation to use for training.  If you have a large quilt, please call the shop and request that your start time be moved to 10 am, instead of 11 am.   If you already have batting, bring that as well - otherwise, you can purchase batting from the shop. 

Do not bring a quilt top that has unsecured edges that can be turned when long arming.  We do not want any scissors or other tools used to hold down your quilting as the machine is stitching, because if the needle hits something like a scissor it can break the needle and damage a very expense machine (e.g. timing, tension).

Do not bring a quilt top that has buttons or other hard embellishments, which would have to be removed before stitching on the gammill.  

If you already have gone thru our shops orientation, you will be charged $25 per hour, plus a $2.25 per spool fee for rental.  During this time we are available for help and supervision as well.  

If you have further questions, please call the shop and ask for Pat/Judy to give you a call.   

Please note that you must call the shop to cancel any reservation that you have - a minimum of 5 days in advance.  There is a wait for individuals to get these slots.  The shop will keep a waiting list for slots that have been cancelled.  

Long Arm Rental Reservation

This is a down payment and is not refundable. This amount applies to the hourly rental rate of $25 an hour.