Latimer Farms BOM

Based on motifs from antique fabric prints,
Paula Barnes' collection features navy and leathery brown prints,
with a mix of accent colors and coordinating border stripe.

Fabric by Paula Barnes
Quilt Design by Red Crinoline Quilts
12-Month BOM Program begins January 2016
101" x 101"
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Longarm Quilting Services

Edge to Edge Quilting:.018 cents per square inch
Edge to edge is our most popular and most cost effective way to turn your  quilt tops into beautiful, useable quilts. To estimate cost for edge to edge quilting, multiply the width of your quilt by length (in inches). The result is your total square inches. Then multiply that number by .018. Batting is additional.

Example: You have a  quilt top that measures 66" wide and 86" long.  66 x 86 = 5676 square inches. 5676 x  $..o18 = cost. You will need to add cost of batting, and any extra services (such as binding) to estimate your total cost. You can always call us for help  -239 995 0045.

A few Reminders:
Your backing and batting needs to be 4 to
6 inches larger than your quilt top on all
four sides to allow enough room for us to
pin it to the rollers on our machines.
If we are doing the binding we will use 3”
strips. If you are not sure how much
fabric to include, please include at least a
yard and the remaining fabric will be
returned with your quilt.
There is an additional $10 per seam
charge if we need to seam a back.
Any quilts that are needed back sooner
than 3 weeks are considered a rush and
will be charged an additional fee, with a minimum of $15.

BINDING SERVICES: We offer several binding services.

Machine attach binding to front of quilt:  10 cents per linear inch


Machine attach binding both front and back of quilt: 20 cents per linear inch

All other binding services: Making binding from supplied material, machine attach to front and hand sew to back, etc:  prices will be quoted at time of bringing in the quilt

Type Bed/Use Average Quilt Size  Mattress Size

Crib/Baby Quilt

36" x 60" 27" x 52"
Twin Size 69" x 90" 39" x 75"
Full Size  84" x 90" 54" x 75"
Queen Size 90" x 95" 60" x 80"
King Size 106" x 98" 76" x 80"