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Menu of Quilting Services 

Edge to Edge: $0.02 per square inch (Pantograph design catalogue coming soon!)
Edge to edge quilting is our most popular and cost effective way to turn your  quilt tops into beautiful heirlooms. To estimate cost for edge to edge quilting, multiply the width of your quilt by length (in inches). The result is your total square inches. Then multiply that number by .02. Batting is additional.

Example: Your quilt top measures 66" wide and 86" long. 

66 x 86 = 5676 square inches.
5676 x 0.02 = $113.52

Custom Quilting: $20.00 per hour

Binding Services
Cut and piece your binding into a continue strip and machine sew it to your quilt: $0.15 per linear inch
Hand sew the binding to the back of your quilt: $0.10 per linear inch.
Full Service Binding: $0.25 per linear inch
(Cost of fabric is extra. Scroll down to learn how to calculate how much fabric you will need.)

Preparation of Backing
$10.00 per seam

Correction of wavy borders
up to $25
To avoid this extra charge, please follow these instructions:
1. Lay your quilt out flat.
2. Measure the (vertical) length of the quilt IN THE CENTER of the quilt,  DO NOT MEASURE THE LENGTH BY MEASURING THE EDGES.
3. Cut your border pieces to this measurement, and apply your borders.
4. Measure the (horizontal) width of the quilt IN THE CENTER, DO NOT MEASURE THE WIDTH BY MEASURING THE EDGES. (Don't forget to add on the width of your lengthwise borders!)
5. Cut your border pieces to this measurement, and apply your borders. 
Please do not simply lay your border fabric on your quilt top and sew, then trim off the excess. This will result in waves or a ruffle effect. 

We have a large selection of high quality affordable batting by Quilters' Dream. Check out the varieties here. 

Rush Charge (less than 3 week turnaround time):

Turnaround time 6-10 weeks. Please call 239-995-0045 for estimated delivery times.

Preparing your quilt:
PLEASE be sure that your backing fabric and your batting are both 4-6 INCHES BIGGER than your quilt top ON ALL SIDES.
Please press your quilt top and all seams, as well as your backing. 

Helpful Information: 

Type Bed/Use

Average Quilt Size

 Mattress Size

Crib/Baby Quilt

36" x 60"

27" x 52"

Twin Size

69" x 90"

39" x 75"

Full Size 

84" x 90"

54" x 75"

Queen Size

90" x 95"

60" x 80"

King Size

106" x 98"

76" x 80"


How much Fabric Do I need for Binding?

[(Length of quilt x 2) + (Width of Quilt x 2)] + 20 = X

Divide X by 40 inches.

[(70 x 2) + (60 x 2)] + 20 = 280 linear inches.

280 divided by 40 inches (standard width of fabric) = 7 strips of fabric.

If you use 2.5 inch binding, then 7 x 2.5 = 17.5 inches, which is about 1/2 yard.