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Welcome to Quilt Lovers' Hangout!

Our shop is place where you feel at home the minute you walk through the doors. There is always someone to greet you and offer a warm smile and many times a hug .The "Hangout" is a meeting place for many and a destination shop for quilters from all over the world.

Whether you are looking for inspiration or have a project in mind, Quilt Lovers' Hangout is always brimming with samples to stimulate your creative energy. There is a great passion for quilting at the shop and it is felt by all.

New Arrivals

New Blocks of The Month!

We currently have three great BOMs!
Samples are hanging the shop and the kits are ready and waiting for you.
Come by and check it out.
Plenty of kits left for Radiant Reflections &
Latimer Farms