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December 1st-24th
Food Drive
For every 2 cans of food you bring in we will give you a FQ
does not include Batiks
Build your stash and help the hungry

A Family in Need, Eleven children ages 7-15

 We have found a family that really could use the help from all of us.
Karen and her husband have one child of their own and one adopted then they have 9 others that they have taken under their wing. These kids needed a family for one reason or another and Karen and her husband have open their hearts and home to them. This year they are finding times a bit tough and could use our help in filling the dreams of these kids for Christmas.When talking to Karen she told me this : First  she wanted to say  THANK YOU FOR WANTING TO HELP!!!!!!!! She said"Oh my gosh, yesterday I actually had a small, yet significant, panic attack about how we would swing it this year. We literally have about $200 to spend on all these kids and that won't go very far at all. Any help is SOOOOOOOOOOO welcomed and appreciated.
Quilt Lovers' Hangout is the drop off point for any donations for this family. The following information might help out with what is needed. If you would like to take part in helping this family you can drop off a gift card , home made pillow case, throw quilt or pick one of the kids names and email us with what you would like to get for that child. Please drop your gift off by December 19th

Aaron - age 15 - Mens size XLarge, Size 38/40 waist pants with 32 length, Size 12 shoe (loves Legos, books, swords, ninja stuff)
Casey - age 13 - Mens size Large, Size 36/30 pants, size 8 shoe (loves books, legos, crazy hats, gadgets, and games)
Antonio- age 12 - Mens Medium, Size 30/30 pants, size 9.5 shoe (Loves electronics, anything electronic, musical, headphones, etc. and caps, black socks, clothes- he is my little black fashionista)
Gigi - age 9 - Girls size 14/16, shoe size is 5 or 5.5 (Gigi loves earrings, toys, stuffed animals, clothes, hair stuff, fake nails, all the glitzy glam stuff and anything the big kids love... lol. Her favorite store is CLaires at the mall and she is into makeup these days too)
Emily - age 15 - Ladies size M/L, Shoe size 9 (Emily loves art supplies, sketch pads, books, going to the movies, clothes, earrings, makeup, and if anyone gave her a books store gift card that would be all she would want for Christmas. Bookstores are her happy place)
Enverson - age 14 - Mens size XL, Size 36/34 pants, shoe size is 11 (Enverson is my gentle giant. He really wants nothing for christmas except to see everyone else happy and to buy his mom a gift. He is an amazing kid. We would like to get him an electronic keyboard or to buy him piano lessons, he plays our piano every single day and is actually quite gifted. Maybe someone has a used one that they would donate to him or something)
Felix - age 12 - Shoes 9.5, shirts Medium, pants 30/30 (Felix wants WII games, nothing but WII games. Their Mom bought a used WII and they don't have cable tv so that's all they do with their time and all the boys can play it so it would be a gift to all the boys actually)

Welcome to Postcard Party! It’s a fun new event brought to you by the same folks who presented Row by Row Experience. But this time, it’s NOT a shop hop.

Postcard Parties are fun, mini workshops, you can participate by buying a postcard quilt kit. Sign up for a postcard party and learn a new technique on a small scale. Create a postcard from fabric, leave it at the store. In January your card will be swapped with other cards from all over the USA. Receive a different postcard from another quilter in another state in March! This is a great opportunity to join a swap and most of the work is done by someone else, a good way to see if you like swaps if you have never done one.  What could be easier. 
   Kits should be in the shop mid-November.  Pick one up, come to a workshop or create your own, drop off by Jan 30th.  Then let the party begin.  In March we will receive your postcard from another state in exchange.
  Kit cost will be $5 and will include the backing, with Florida motif, batting and instructions.  You can do one or as many as you like. You will receive one back for every one you make. 



Our shop is  place where you feel at home the minute you walk
through the
doors. There is always someone to greet you and offer a
warm smile and many
times a hug .The "Hangout" is a meeting place
for many and a destination shop for quilters
from all over the world.

Whether you are looking for inspiration or have a project in
mind, Quilt Lovers' Hangout is always brimming with samples to
stimulate your creative energy.
There is a great  passion for quilting
at the shop and it is felt by all.
Monday-Thursday 9am-6pm
Friday & Saturday 9am-4pm
Sunday 12-4

13494 N Cleveland Ave.
N. Fort Myers, FL 33903

A Family in Need  

Angel - age 9 - Boys size 12 pants, boys large t shirts, size 6.5 shoes (Angel wants the big BeyBlades Board and Beyblades... they are these little spinny things that are cool.)
Abraham - age 7 - Boys size 7 pants, boys medium shirts, size 4 shoes (Abraham wants a remote car or helicopter but he is quite bombastic and will break anything within 5 minutes of having it so I'm gonna go with a remote control car or truck... they are less fragile.)
Anber - age 11 - Ladies medium shirts and she is hard to fit with her body style cause she is kind of built like a bird... skinny legs, no butt, and large belly. I like to buy her leggings with long tops or dresses cause they fit her well and the kids don't make fun of  her then.
Melvasia - age 12 - Ladies medium/large and same as Anber... little girl body but top heavy (she weighs 175 pounds) so girlie things like makeup, hair ties, earrings, etc. etc. would probably be better for her and Anber. Although the leggings things really works on both of them so that's my go-to look for them.
ALL of them- even the older kids.. absolutely love all of the following...super hero shirts,super hero caps, and superhero gadgets,headphones,lego's, Flashlights, remote control ANYTHING, and board games, family games.
The girls all love earrings, makeup, hair stuff, body sprays, lotions, and clothes.We play family games after dinner... we already have flip 5, mad gab, 5 second rule, blokus, apples to apples, and SET. So any other family board game for 9 and over would be Great!!!

Luvybear Quilts 4 Tots,inc

LUVYBEAR QUILTS 4 TOTS is a newly founded non-profit
organization in Lee County.
There goal is to bring a smile to a child's face by providing a quilt to tots ages 3-7 throughout Lee County hospitals and hospice facilities.

You can help bring one of those smiles to a child by signing up for a 2 hour time frame to help in the making of  a little quiltWe will be have sew time here at the shop on January 14th and January 24th Starting at 10a.m and going throughout the day.Kits will be provided along with snacks and drinks. A $5. donation is asked of you for signing up . You can receive the $5. back in way of coupond for the shop or you can donate it for the cause.
Please bring your machine

Gabby Quilts for Friends


Book 1 of the
“Little Sewers Series”

One chilly morning, Gabby realizes that she needs something warm
for the winter ahead.
A quilt is just the answer! But when Bear, Goose,
and Sheep all have different ideas for the quilt,

things get complicated. With love and imagination, Gabby stitches
and sews for weeks.
Can she make a quilt that will please each of her friends?

A Message from the Author
Click Link Below


Gabby now has a doll and bear panel to go with her book!

A beautifully illustrated, custom doll panel. Soft, cuddly and a perfect
complement to the story,
Gabby stands nearly 12″ tall when completed.
Don’t forget about Gabby’s best friend Bear! He’s easy to sew, and just as cuddly!

Every detail is straight from the story, right down to Bear’s polka-dotted
Just cut, sew and stuff! The panel comes with easy-to-understand
instructions that adults
and children can follow together, plus a custom
“Handmade with Love” sew-on tag.
Gabby is made from 100% cotton,
and printed in the USA!

Free Pattern for Doll Quilt click link below


We Now Have an Online Shop

Our online shop is now up and running.  We are adding new products everyday.  Please bear with us a we go through the process of getting our shop online so you may enjoy the same customer service you receive in person everyday!!

Wool Fridays every 2nd Friday of the month. Starting in January!
this is the project you will be working on with Judy McCall
My Favorite Things
Class time 9-12 
Cost $15 each month + pattern and your wool
You will learn lots of new stitches and have lots of fun!!
Sign up now and reserve you spot
December 24th 9a.m-2p.m
Closed Thursday 12/25/2014
Reopen Friday 12/26/2014
9a.m -4p.m
Wedensday December 31st
Closing Early
9a.m- 2p.m
New Years Day
Friday 1/2/2015
Reopen 9a.m -4p.m
Recent News

They face adversity and endure hardships; yet all too often their troubles go unnoticed. We also honor those Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines who must miss holidays, birthdays, and family moments in far-away distant lands. It is for the family members who keep the house running while their husband, wife, son or daughter is away. It is for the children who dearly miss their deployed parent, brother, sister, uncle, or aunt. We say thank you to the men and women who have volunteered to serve our country and preserve our freedom.

In conjunction with Moda Fabrics QLH will be participating in the Piece and Comfort Challenge. This challenge will benefit USA Cares, an organization that provides support for the military and their families.
QLH will be a drop off point for challenge quilts. We'll have all the information here on our web site  if you would like to participate in this wonderful program!

Print your entry form from our link here on our web site

Quilt Lovers' Hangout
-Purchase fabric from ‘Because of The Brave’ by Moda or ‘Red, White & Free’ by Sandy Gervais.

-Make a quilt using at least 90% Moda fabrics (50% must be from one of the two above lines). You can use an existing pattern or create your own.


 Challenge begins January 1, 2015 thru March 31, 2015




New Arrivals

Lots of great new fabric arriving
check out the New Arrivals page.
Here's one of the Projects you can make with
the new fabric Paint Brush that just arrived